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Explosion after shooting inside a residence in America

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Explosion after shooting in America

America News: The incidents of firing in America are not stopping. Once again a case of firing has come to light. There was news of firing inside a house in Arlington, America. After this firing a big explosion also occurred. After this, the police is instructing all the residents living in the neighborhood to stay in their homes.

According to the information received, there has been news of firing inside a house in Arlington. Police say the incident happened at the 800 block of Ann Burlingstreet in Bluemount. Police said officers were attempting to serve a search warrant at the residence. A suspect fired several rounds inside the house, causing an explosion.

police officer injured

According to local media, the suspect also fired at a police officer who was trying to enter the house. No information has been received so far about anyone getting injured after the explosion that took place on Monday. The police officer present at the scene suffered minor injuries. People reported on social media that their house started shaking during the explosion.

Police reached the spot after hearing the sound of the blast.

A local citizen said he reached the spot after hearing the sound of the explosion from two miles away. Police said that after receiving the news of the explosion, fire tenders immediately reached the spot. Immediately after the accident, the police immediately evacuated some nearby houses and asked people to take shelter in safe places.

Even Biden administration worried about shooting incidents

It is noteworthy that the incidents of shooting in America are not stopping despite many restrictions. Police and administration have taken strict action many times to curb such incidents. But the incidents of shootings in American cities have not been controlled. Even the Biden administration is worried about such frequent incidents.

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