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Father calls wife after killing his own son, “He is dead” – India TV Hindi

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David Contreras, the man giving information to his wife over phone after the murder of his son in Florida

A footage released several months after the heart-wrenching incident in Florida, America, has created a sensation. It is seen in this footage that the father of the deceased was the murderer of the son. After killing his 22-year-old son, he called his wife and told her that he had shot the son. He is dead and can’t even breathe. Saying this, the person is also seen crying outside the house. An American man has been caught on camera confessing to his wife to the murder of his son. The incident is of 3 November 2023.

Newly released footage shows Florida man David Contreras using his home doorbell camera to confess to his wife that he shot and killed their son during a heated argument. Contreras, 52, was caught on camera allegedly confessing to shooting and killing his 22-year-old son Eric at their Miami residence last November. Moments after the shooting on November 3, Contreras can be heard telling his wife, “He’s not breathing. He’s dead,” the New York Post reports. “The fighting on the way home was unbearable.”

Tells wife it’s not your fault

In one scene in the footage, Contreras is seen lying face down on the ground, overwhelmed by distress. He was repeatedly protecting his pained face with his hands. “It’s not your fault. Please call my brother,” he pleaded with his wife. In the footage his wife can be heard crying, saying, “He will go to jail.” Contreras also called 911 after talking to his wife, telling her, “I just shot my son.” When police arrived at Contreras’ home, they found Eric, a Florida International University student, dead from a gunshot wound, the New York Post reported. Contreras was then taken into custody.

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