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Fear of ‘deepfake’ in Britain too, why did cyber security say it is dangerous?

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Fear of ‘deepfake’ in Britain too

Britain News: There is a lot of discussion these days in India about ‘Deepfakes’. There is a lot of discussion about the ‘deepfake’ photo of Indian actress Rashmika Mandanna. Rashmika Mandanna has been presented wrongly in this. The threat of ‘deepfakes’ is being seen not only in India but also in Britain. According to the information, Britain’s Cyber ​​Security Center has described the use of ‘deepfake’ AI as a threat to the next elections.

Britain’s cyber security agency said on Tuesday that artificial intelligence (AI) posed a threat to the country’s next national election. Cyber ​​attacks from enemy countries are increasing and it is becoming difficult to detect them. “This year has seen state actors emerge as new cyber threats to critical national services such as electricity, water and internet networks,” the National Cyber ​​Security Center said.

Big threat from Russian speaking criminals

The center is part of the Government Communications Headquarters, Britain’s cyber spy agency. “The emergence of a new class of cyber adversaries in the form of state actors, often sympathetic to Russia’s attack on Ukraine, is ideological rather than financially motivated,” it said in its annual review. Said that state-linked groups pose a greater threat than Russian-speaking criminals who are carrying out cyber attacks on British companies.

British Cyber ​​Crime Center calls ‘Deepfake’ a challenge

The Cyber ​​Security Center agreed with the warnings of British intelligence agencies MI5 and MI6, saying that it (Centre) has described the emergence of China as a technology superpower as a major challenge to Britain’s security. It said, however, that Britain’s old-style method of voting would be difficult for hackers to break into. In this method pencil and paper are used. But ‘deepfake’ videos and ‘bots’ will easily spread misinformation during election campaigns, it said.

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