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For which country is the friendship between France and China a threat? Both countries can come together on these two issues.

Image Source: AP
French Foreign Minister Catherine Colonnade and Chinese Prime Minister Li Keqiang.

France and China have started working towards standing together on the current global tensions and the issue of climate change. France has been more inclined towards China in the past also. Due to the strengthening of friendship between France and China, America may be in direct danger. French Foreign Minister Catherine Colonna said on Friday that France and China should work together to reduce global tensions and focus on issues such as climate change and biodiversity.

Colonna is on an official visit to Beijing ahead of a major UN climate conference starting next week in Dubai and a meeting of EU-China leaders next month. His visit coincides with the beginning of a four-day ceasefire between Israel and Hamas. Colonna said during his meeting with Chinese Premier Li Keqiang, “We both, as great superpowers, share the responsibility to deal with global challenges and we can make coordinated efforts towards ending tensions around the world.”

Global problems are the main issue

A delegation of foreign ministers from Arab countries has held talks in China and France over the past few days as part of meetings with permanent members of the UN Security Council to push for a ceasefire in Gaza. The European Union (EU) is adopting a tough stance towards China. It is launching a trade investigation into subsidies given to Chinese electric vehicle manufacturers. EU officials have called for steps to reduce its huge trade deficit with China.

Despite differences, China is trying to improve its relations with major trading partners including Europe, Australia and the US. The lifting of pandemic-related restrictions in China in December last year had facilitated face-to-face meetings of leaders. French President Emmanuel Macron visited China in April, followed by Finance Minister Bruno Le Maire in July. “China-France relations are improving in every aspect,” Li said. Especially as many systems are being restored, our talks are happening more quickly at every level. (AP)

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