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Gabriel Atal becomes the youngest Prime Minister of France

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Gabriel Atal becomes the youngest Prime Minister of France

France News: Gabriel Atal has become the youngest Prime Minister of France. According to the information, French President Emmanuel Macron on Tuesday named Gabriel Atal as the new Prime Minister of the country. Because he wants to chart a new path before the EU elections in the summer. Before this, Atal has served as Education Minister. At the age of 34, Gabriel Atal is the youngest Prime Minister of France.

Because of this, Gabriel Atal came into discussion

It is noteworthy that French PM Gabriel Atal, as the Education Minister of France, first made headlines around the world when he announced that Abaya, a garment worn by Muslim women and girls, would be banned in French government schools. Gabriel Atal, a longtime supporter and friend of Emmanuel Macron, said then that the policy would come into effect at the start of the new school year.

New PM Gabriel Atal is the rising star of French politics

Earlier, at the age of just 34, Atal had become the youngest Education Minister in the modern history of France and now he was made the Prime Minister. He is considered a rising star in French politics. Atal immediately made his mark on France’s education system and was embroiled in controversy after being promoted to his post just a month before the abaya ban was announced.

Elizabeth Bourne resigns from the post of PM

Earlier, amidst political turmoil, French Prime Minister Elisabeth Borne has resigned from her post. The reason for the resignation is believed to be the recent political tension over the new immigration law. With this, the way has been paved for President Emmanuel Macron to gain new momentum by appointing a new government in the coming days.

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