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Good news came from the Moon, this country’s Chandrayaan came alive again, know how it was possible? – India TV Hindi

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Japanese Chandrayaan

Japan Chandrayan News: India had won worldwide applause by landing Chandrayaan 3 on the Moon and had shown that this is the revenge India. Countries around the world were shocked by this achievement of India. Not only this, India also became the first country to make a soft landing on the South Pole. Not only this, beautiful pictures of the Moon which came from India’s Chandrayaan 3 were also seen. On the lines of our Chandrayaan, this time Japan also made a soft landing on the moon. But the problem was that as soon as the Japanese Chandrayaan landed, it lost contact with the Earth.

When Japan’s Chandrayaan landed on the lunar surface, it was believed that it had become completely lifeless. But then suddenly a ‘miracle’ happened like in a movie and after being ‘quiet’ for a week after landing on the moon, his SLIM spacecraft started working. In this way the lifeless Japanese Chandrayaan has suddenly come back to life.

Know what the Japanese Space Agency said?

A spokesperson for Japan’s space agency JAXA told how their Chandrayaan came back to life. He said the spacecraft had lost power due to the wrong orientation of its solar panels, but has now restored power.

Japanese Chandrayaan landing took place on January 20

The Japanese Chandrayaan landing took place on January 20. After 9 full days, Japan has re-established this contact. Not only this, he has also started performing functions. Let us tell you that Japan’s Moon Lander achieved success in pin point landing in a crater near the lunar equator, 55 meters away from its targeted landing site on the Moon. This is a technology that has great potential for future exploration of the lunar poles.

Japanese Chandrayaan mission was postponed thrice

Where India’s Chandrayaan 3 surprised the world by successfully landing on the southern part of the moon. On the other hand, Japan had postponed the landing of its Chandrayaan not once or twice but thrice. Japan had postponed its Chandrayaan mission thrice due to weather related disturbances.

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