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Good news for the people of Gaza! Know which citizens of this country will Canada give temporary visa?

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Canada will give visas to Gaza citizens.

Canada Visa on Gaza: The condition of the people of Gaza surrounded by the war between Israel and Hamas is very pathetic. This war has not stopped even after the death of thousands of people. The people of Gaza want to get out somehow, but it is not so easy for them. Because of this they are forced to live life in an environment of fear. Meanwhile, an announcement from Canada has brought joy to the faces of many residents of Gaza, because Canada has tried to give temporary visas to those people of Gaza Strip who have relatives in Canada.

Campaign may start from January 9

Canadian Immigration Minister Mark Miller said in this regard on Thursday night that this campaign can start by January 9. However, the federal government has not given any assurance of safe evacuation of civilians from the war-torn area. Immigration Minister Miller said the government’s focus is on evacuating 660 Canadian citizens, permanent residents and their spouses and children from Gaza.

The government will accept the applications of these people

Miller said the government will begin accepting applications from people with extended family ties to Canada, including parents, grandparents, siblings and grandchildren. He said that the government will give visa for three years to those who meet the standards. Miller said he could not say with certainty how many people could come to Canada under this campaign, but he said the number could be in the hundreds. The immigration minister also said that evacuating Canadian citizens from Gaza has been difficult and “our capabilities are limited.”

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