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Hezbollah fired rockets between Hamas and IDF, IDF retaliated – India TV Hindi

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Hezbollah fired rockets, IDF retaliated

Israel Hamas War: The war continues between Israel and Hamas. Meanwhile, Israel is facing attacks not only in Gaza but also from Lebanon-based Hezbollah organization. Since October 7, Israel has been continuously attacking Hamas. In such a situation, Hezbollah organization is attacking Israel in support of Hamas. In the latest development, 11 rockets have been fired from Lebanon. There is news of the death of an Israeli soldier in this attack. According to military and medical officials, apart from the death of one soldier, eight other people have been injured. These rockets fell on Israel’s ‘Safed’ and another military base. The Israeli Army also retaliated with air strikes on these attacks. Israeli Defense Forces reported that large-scale airstrikes have been launched against targets belonging to the Hezbollah terrorist group in Lebanon in response to Hezbollah attacks.

Hezbollah supports Hamas in Gaza

The rocket attacks were from Lebanon. Therefore, it is believed that these rocket attacks have been launched by Hezbollah. Because in recent months, Hezbollah has been continuously attacking northern Israel with rockets, missiles and drones. Hezbollah has said that it supports Hamas in Gaza and is continuously attacking Israel in protest against Israel’s attack on Hamas.

Hezbollah fired rockets in these areas of Israel

Meanwhile, the Israeli army IDF claimed that a rocket fell on the Northern Command Headquarters base in Safed, about 13 kilometers from the Lebanon border. Safed’s local administration said many of the 11 rocket attacks hit Safed’s industrial zone and the Ziv hospital area. According to army and medical officials, an Israeli soldier has died in these rocket attacks. And 8 others were injured. The slain soldier was later named ‘Sergeant’. On the other hand, Jiva Hospital said that 8 people injured in the rocket attack were brought to the hospital. The condition of one of them is critical. The injured person was identified as an employee of the IDF’s computer department. The IDF said several other soldiers were also injured in the attack.

People ran here and there as soon as they heard the siren

Sirens were also heard several times in Safed and surrounding areas near the Lebanon border. According to military assessment, a total of 11 unguided Grad rockets were fired in the attack. Of these, 9 fell in open areas, while two rockets caused damage to the Iron Dome and air defense system. A rocket was also fired at an IDF base. A soldier, whose name was ‘Banjo’, died in this attack. Many other soldiers ran here and there for shelter as soon as the attack took place. The rockets were fired so fast that people did not get time to escape after the siren sounded.

Israeli army counterattacked

The Israeli military also retaliated hours after Hezbollah’s rocket attacks. The IDF reported that their fighter jets carried out heavy airstrikes in Lebanon. In this, many positions of Hezbollah were targeted. The targets targeted, according to the IDF, included buildings, command centers and other infrastructure belonging to the terrorist group in Jabal al-Brij, Kafr Huneh, Kafr Dunin, Adchit and Souneh.

Let us tell you that since October 8, the Hezbollah organization is not desisting from attacking military posts and residential areas in the border areas of Israel on a daily basis. These attacks are being carried out in support of the Hamas terrorist organization in Gaza. It is said that Israel provides financial and arms support to Hezbollah organizations.

Cloud of smoke rises in South Lebanon due to Israeli attacks

Israel retaliated and targeted the positions of Hezbollah organization located in southern Lebanon. A plume of smoke was seen rising after the air strikes. So far, 6 civilians from Israel’s side have died in clashes in the border areas between Hezbollah and Israel. Ten IDF soldiers and reservists also died. During this period, many attacks have also taken place from Syria. However, there were no casualties.

195 Hezbollah members killed in IDF attacks

Hezbollah has revealed the names of 195 members who have been killed by Israel during the current clashes. Most of these were in Lebanon. 29 other members of other terrorist groups in Lebanon, one Lebanese soldier and about two dozen civilians were killed. Three journalists are also included in these.

On October 7, Hamas attacked from three sides

Hamas attacked Israel from three sides on October 7. A large number of Israelis were killed in this. After this Israel retaliated. Since then, Israeli attacks on Gaza have continued. So far 30 thousand terrorists have been killed in these attacks. In the Hamas attack on October 7, 3 thousand terrorists had entered Israel through land, air and sea. 1200 people were killed in this attack. At the same time, 250 hostages were taken hostage by Hamas commandos. Foreign citizens were also included in these.

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