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Hezbollah is attacking Israel with new types of weapons and missiles, now took this oath

Image Source: AP
Hezbollah fighters.

Hezbollah, which has jumped into the war against the Israeli attack on Gaza and Hamas, is attacking Israel with sophisticated weapons. Hezbollah has new types of weapons and deadly missiles. He is targeting Northern Israel and Southern Israel. Hezbollah has so far carried out several major attacks near the Israel-Lebanon border. In these, Hezbollah has also claimed to have killed a large number of Israelis. This is a Lebanese terrorist group. Which also has support from Iran.

The leader of Hezbollah said on Saturday that its fighters are using new types of weapons, including high-yield missiles, in the ongoing conflict on the Lebanon-Israel border, not only that, they will maintain a tense situation on the border, which will lead to an attack on Israel. Pressure built up. Hezbollah leader Sayyid Hassan Nasrallah criticized the US over the Israel-Hamas war, saying that it (the US) is the only country that can stop Israel’s massive attack on the Gaza Strip, but it is not doing so. He said attacks on US troops in Iraq and Syria would continue until the war in Gaza ends. Regarding these attacks, America has said that more than 40 rocket and suicide drone attacks have taken place.

Hezbollah is attacking inside Israel also

Nasrallah said the war on Lebanon’s southern border has seen changes in recent days, including a change in the use of weapons and attacks deep into Israel. He said Hezbollah was sending unmanned surveillance and reconnaissance drones into northern Israel, some of which were shot down, while others returned to them with information. Hezbollah and Israeli soldiers have been exchanging fire on the Lebanon-Israel border since October 8, a day after a Hamas attack in southern Israel. Hamas attacks killed at least 1,200 Israeli civilians and soldiers and took more than 200 hostages. (AP)

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