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Hezbollah launches major attack on Israel, 17 people including 7 Israeli soldiers injured

Image Source: AP
Hezbollah has intensified attacks on Israel.

Jerusalem: Seven Israeli soldiers and 10 others were injured on Sunday in attacks by Lebanon’s Hezbollah group. Giving information about this, the Israeli army and rescue services said that this incident happened at a time when the conflict between the Iran-backed group and the Israeli army is intensifying on the Lebanon-Israel border, which has led to the second front of the current war in the Middle East. There is a danger of spread. Seven IDF soldiers were slightly injured as a result of a mortar attack in the Manara region of northern Israel on Sunday, the Israeli military said in a statement.

Condition of 2 injured by rocket attacks critical

Israeli rescue services, without sharing the identity of the location, said 10 civilians were injured by the rocket attacks, two of whom were in critical condition. The Israeli military said it had identified 15 rocket attacks from Lebanon in the past hour and that its defense systems had destroyed 4 of them while the rest fell in open areas. Meanwhile, Hamas’ military wing claimed responsibility for attacks on the Israeli border towns of Noura and Shlomi from northern Haifa and southern Lebanon.

Netanyahu said, there will be no ceasefire now
Israel carried out massive airstrikes and shelling in the area throughout Saturday night and Sunday morning amid fierce fighting between its troops and Hamas militants near the Gaza Strip’s largest hospital. Let us tell you that Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu had on Saturday rejected the growing international appeal for ceasefire. He had said that Israel’s fight to crush the ruling Hamas extremists in the Gaza Strip will continue with ‘full force’. Netanyahu made it clear that a ceasefire can happen only if all 240 people held hostage by Hamas in Gaza are released.

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