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Hindus dominate in this city of Pakistan, Muslims are banned here

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Mithi City, Pakistan

Pakistan News: There is a city in Pakistan where it is not dominated by Muslims but by Hindus. There are Hindu temples here where worship is performed. The Hindus here perform puja and aarti of the Lord in the morning and evening. This city is in Sindh province, 280 km from Karachi in Pakistan. Actually, the population of Hindus in Pakistan has remained less. But Hindus are in power in this city. A big restriction has also been imposed on Muslims here. Not only this, the sky here becomes bright and vibrant with fireworks on Diwali.

The name of this city of Pakistan is Mithi city. It is a city located in the Thar Desert of Pakistan. This sweet city is in Tharparkar district of Sindh province, about 280 kilometers from Pakistan’s largest city Karachi. The distance from Lahore to Mithi city is 879 km.

This city of Pakistan is an example of religious tolerance

The population of Hindus in Pakistan has decreased significantly. When Pakistan became independent in 1947, the population of Hindus in Pakistan was 20 percent. But now it has come down to just 1 percent. Whereas the Muslim population in Pakistan is around 97 percent. But when we talk about Mithi city, Hindus are dominant here. Due to the large Hindu population in the city named Mithi, Muslims fully respect the religious beliefs and symbols of Hindus. However, the condition of Hindus in other areas of Pakistan is worse.

Hindus are in majority, Muslims accept the ban on eating meat.

According to BBC report, Mithi is one of the few areas of Pakistan where Hindus and not Muslims are in majority. 80 percent of the total population of Mithi is Hindu. Here Muslims are prohibited from eating meat. Meat of any animal is not eaten in Mithi city. There is a strict ban on eating meat among Muslims. In fact, a unique example of Hindu-Muslim unity can be seen in Mithi city. The total population here is about 87 thousand, out of which almost 80 percent people are Hindus.

Celebrate Diwali and Eid together

Muslims celebrate Diwali and Eid together in Mithi city of Pakistan. People of the Hindu community take part in the Muharram procession and sometimes even fast along with the Muslims.

Azaan is not performed at the time of Aarti in Shri Krishna temple.

There are also many temples in this city of Pakistan. The most famous among these is Shri Krishna Temple. It is said that when Hindus perform puja and aarti in the temples, then the speakers are not played loudly for Azaan and bells are not rung in the temples during namaz. The crime rate in this city is much lower than other cities of Pakistan. The crime rate here is only two percent and the most important thing is that religious intolerance is never seen here.

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