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Horrific massacre in Papua New Guinea, more than 53 people killed in mutual fighting – India TV Hindi

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Massacre took place in this area of ​​Papua New Guinea

Fierce violence has once again broken out in Papua New Guinea. Police said that 53 people have been killed in the violence in the tribal areas of the country. He said that these deaths are the result of long-running violence and are the largest in recent times.

The incident took place 600 km away from the capital.

Local Police Commissioner David Manning said officers and soldiers had recovered the bodies of 53 people. He said they were killed near the town of Wabag, 600 kilometers northwest of the capital Port Moresby. The exact circumstances of the deaths were not immediately clear, but police said there were reports of heavy shooting in the area.

Clash between two tribal communities

The incident is believed to be linked to the conflict between the Sikin and Kakin tribes. Police have also received videos and photographs from the incident site. Let us tell you that highland tribes in Papua New Guinea have been fighting each other for centuries, but the influx of automatic weapons has made the clashes more deadly and increased the violence.

100 soldiers were deployed in the area

The government of Papua New Guinea has tried repression, mediation, amnesty, and various other strategies to control the violence, but with little success. The army deployed about 100 troops to the area, but their influence was limited and security services were outnumbered and under-equipped.

Clashes often happen here

Killings often occur in remote communities, where clansmen set up ambushes to avenge previous attacks. Civilians, including pregnant women and children, have been targeted in the past. The murders that happen in this area are very violent. During this, the victims are cut with a knife. The dead body is mutilated and left behind.

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