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Horrific violence in Nigeria, 113 people died in attacks by armed groups

Image Source : ANI
violence in nigeria

Abuja (Nigeria): An attack by armed groups in central Nigeria has killed 113 people. This attack took place on Saturday and Sunday. Born in Plateau, central Nigeria. This area of ​​Nigeria has been plagued by religious and ethnic tension. There have been frequent clashes between farmers and herdsmen here. Earlier in May also, more than 100 people had died in incidents of violence here.

Earlier in media reports quoting the Nigerian Army, it was said that 16 people had died in the attacks. But later the deaths of 113 people were confirmed. A senior official of Plateau state said that 113 people were killed in these planned attacks on Saturday and Sunday. Here a group of bandits attacked at least 20 communities. 113 people died while more than 300 were injured.

There has been no indication from the authorities as to who is responsible behind these attacks. Plateau State in central Nigeria is home to many ethnic and religious communities. Incidents of violence have increased in this area in recent times and hundreds of people have lost their lives in communal conflict. The conflict here is often described as an ethnic conflict between Muslim herders and Christian farmers. But there are many other reasons behind these conflicts.

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