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How will Gaza be after the war ends, Israeli PM Netanyahu presented his plan – India TV Hindi

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Israeli PM Netanyahu

Israel Hamas War: The war continues between Israel and Hamas. The Israeli army is carrying out vigorous attacks in Gaza. A proposal was also made in the UN to stop the war in Gaza, but America vetoed it. This enraged the Muslim countries. Meanwhile, Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu has presented his plan regarding what the shape of Gaza will be after the war.

Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu has prepared a policy for the situation after the end of the war with Hamas, under which Israel will have control over demilitarized Gaza and will play an important role in matters related to normal life. This plan of Netanyahu has been sent to his cabinet for approval.

Not much information has been revealed about the plan yet

Netanyahu has formally presented a plan for the post-war situation for the first time, although it did not provide much information. Netanyahu’s emphasis on Israel’s role in Gaza contrasts with US proposals to create an autonomous government in Palestine.

Israel will rule here

According to the US proposals, after the war a government should be formed that would rule both Gaza and the Israeli-occupied West Bank. The plan published by the Prime Minister’s Office was sent to cabinet ministers late Thursday night. The plan states that Israel is committed to eliminating Hamas, the terrorist group that took over the Gaza Strip in 2007.

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