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‘I am very scared’ Harris’ statement after Trump’s victory in the Republican caucus

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US Vice President Kamala Harris

Kamla Harris News: US Vice President Kamala Harris says that she is extremely scared that Donald Trump may return to the White House. Kamala Harris appealed to the supporters of the Democrat Party that everyone needs to be united. This statement of Kamala Harris has come after the results of the Iowa caucus were declared in which Donald Trump has won.

Kamala Harris herself admitted to being ‘scared’

US Vice President Kamala Harris admitted she was ‘very scared’ that the former president would return to the White House in the 2024 presidential election, following Donald Trump’s sweeping victory in the first Republican caucuses in Iowa.

What did Kamala Harris say on Trump’s possible victory?

Speaking on ABC’s ‘The View’ on Wednesday, Harris talked about concerns raised by former President Barack Obama and his wife Michelle Obama about a potential Trump victory. When asked about the consequences of Trump becoming president again, he said, ‘I am very scared’. This is why I am visiting our country, we all should be afraid.

What is Harris’ thinking regarding the elections?

Harris said that ‘There is an old saying that there are only two ways to run for office. Either without a rival or afraid. So ‘ha’ on all those points we should all be afraid, but we don’t run from anything. “We fight against it,” Harris said.

Called Trump a threat to democracy

Recently he had said that a former President who faced impeachment twice, who has 91 criminal cases pending against him, is a threat to democracy in America. It is noteworthy that former US President Donald Trump and former First Lady Michelle Obama had also described the chances of Donald Trump being re-elected as US President as scary.

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