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Iceland Volcano: Volcanic eruption in Iceland, lava and smoke spread over large area

Image Source: Reuters
Lava and smoke spread after volcanic eruption in Iceland

oslo : A major volcanic eruption has occurred in the Reykjanes Peninsula of south-western Iceland. This explosion has spread panic among the people. This incident of volcanic eruption has happened after earthquake activities for the last several weeks. The volcanic eruption has spread lava and smoke over a large area.

3.5 km long crack in the ground

According to information, the volcanic eruption started north of Grindavik city. Molten rocks started coming out from under the ground. The lava and ash coming out of the volcano is spreading far and wide. It is said that there is a 3.5 km long crack inside the ground from which about 100 to 200 cubic meters (3,530 to 7,060 cubic feet) of lava is coming out per second.

Geologists had expressed apprehension

The people of Iceland had not yet recovered from the terror of continuous seismic activities that have been happening for the last few weeks, when the volcanic eruption has once again created fear among the people. However, even before this volcanic eruption on the Reykjanes peninsula, the administration had evacuated about 4 thousand people to safe places. In the last few days, continuous seismic activities were being felt in this area, after which geologists had expressed the fear of volcanic eruption.

Threat to the city of Grindavik

The local police administration is also on alert. A warning has been issued to people not to go to this area. Authorities have said several eruptions have occurred in unpopulated areas on the Reykjanes peninsula in recent years, but this eruption could pose a threat to the city of Grindavik. The region had been hit by hundreds of earthquakes over the past two months but had seen a decline in intensity in recent weeks.

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