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IDF kills operative Amr Abu Jalallah, commander of Hamas naval forces

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The Israeli army has killed another senior Hamas commander in an airstrike in Gaza. This terrorist of Hamas was expert in carrying out sea attacks. Israel Defense Forces (IDF) and IDF warplanes guided by ISA intelligence killed Amr Abu Jalallah, the commander of Hamas naval forces in Khan Yunis and an additional operative in Hamas naval forces. Amr Abu Jalallah was a senior operative in Hamas’s naval forces and was involved in directing several terror attacks by sea that were foiled by the IDF.

Israeli army has killed this big commander of Hamas before the ceasefire. The hostages are to be released from today. A 4-day ceasefire is to be implemented from today in exchange for the release of hostages on both sides. Hamas will release 50 Israeli hostages. In return, Israel will release 150 Palestinians. Earlier, Israeli Defense Forces (IDF) had killed another senior Hamas commander responsible for the group’s anti-tank missile operations in the Gaza Strip. The Israeli strike killed Ibrahim Abu-Maghsib, the head of Hamas’s anti-tank missile unit in the Central Camp Brigade, in a fighter jet strike based on ISA and IDF intelligence.

Israel taking revenge for Hamas attack on October 7

Hamas carried out a major terrorist attack on Israel on October 7. More than 1400 Israelis have lost their lives in this attack. Thousands of people have been injured, while more than 200 civilians have been taken hostage by Hamas. The Israeli Army had killed Mohsin Abu Zina, the head of Hamas’s arms production division. Zina was the mastermind of the production of rockets and weapons for Hamas. According to the Israeli Army, the IDF is carrying out ground attacks inside Gaza. In this, terrorists are being killed selectively. Besides, terrorist hideouts are also being demolished. But now a 4-day ceasefire is going to come into effect from today.

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