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“If provoked, wipe out all traces of America and South Korea”, Kim Jong’s order to the army

Image Source: Reuters
Dictator Kim Jong.

North Korean dictator Kim Jong has expressed his anger at America and neighboring country South Korea. The dictator of North Korea, who is continuously launching military spy satellites, has asked his army to be ready. Kim Jong has ordered the army to eliminate America and South Korea if they take provocative action against him. North Korea’s government media gave this information on Monday.

Will make more nuclear weapons-Kim

Presidential elections are likely to be held in America in November 2024. It is believed that before this, North Korea may further accelerate its weapons testing this year. At a five-day meeting of the ruling party last week, Kim Jong Un said he would launch three more military spy satellites this year, produce more nuclear weapons and develop attack drones. Observers say that this effort is to increase diplomatic pressure on America in the future.

Keep nuclear bombs ready for attack- Kim

Kim Jong held a meeting with the commanding officers of the army on Sunday and said that to protect national security, it is necessary to keep the most valuable weapon i.e. nuclear bombs ready for attack. Kim stressed that if the US and South Korea carry out provocative actions against North Korea, our military should without hesitation mobilize all its major resources and launch a counter-attack to completely destroy them. (input language)

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