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If the ground is dug in this country, thousands of years old treasure will be found, it can change human history!

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When the ground was dug in this country, thousands of years old treasure was found.

Brazil News: There are many such places in our earth, about which people still do not know. Our earth holds many such treasures, which are sometimes found during excavation. Whose price is priceless. One such treasure thousands of years old has been found, which even experts were shocked to see. Excavation is still going on. Researchers believe that a lot of treasure is hidden here. Know in which country this thousands of years old ‘treasure’ has been found. According to media reports, thousands of years old remains have been found in the South American country Brazil. More than 1 lakh treasure-like artefacts have been found in it. Excavations are still going on and researchers hope that a lot of treasure may be hidden here.

The first remains were found in 2019

Recently Brazil’s National Institute of Historical and Artistic Heritage announced these discoveries on its website. The institute said that the first remains were found from a construction site in the year 2019, after which the excavation of this place started. Since then, a total of around 1 lakh priceless artefacts have been found. Not only this, 43 skeletons have also been found. These remains were found in the coastal city of Sao Luis in Brazil.

This discovery is going to change the history of human settlement in Brazil.

6 thousand year old site proof of long history

The institute has provided information on its website, stating that this site, which is more than 6 thousand years old, is evidence of the long history of human occupation on São Luis Island, which predates the traditional historical record in Brazil. . The institute said that excavation is still going on on this island. It is estimated that a lot of treasure can be found here, whose valuable artefacts include ceramic and precious metal utensils. The researchers plan to use a more precise type of dating to confirm their theories. This dating process is called isotopic analysis, which involves converting artefact pieces into gas to find out what they are made of.

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