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‘Imran Khan had immoral relations with Bushra’s wife before marriage, reveals former husband’s servant.

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Imran Khan, Bushra Biwi

Pakistan News: The political earthquake in Pakistan is not stopping. Amidst the political turmoil, Imran Khan seems to be in a lot of trouble these days. Many charges are heard against Imran Khan, who is in jail, in some cases the date gets extended and in some cases he gets into trouble. Meanwhile, Imran Khan’s personal life is also going through a lot of ups and downs. The former servant of his wife Bushra Bibi’s husband has made a big revelation about Imran. He has claimed that Imran Khan had illicit relations with his wife Bushra Biwi even before his marriage.

According to media reports, a servant of Khawar Farid Maneka, the ex-husband of 71-year-old former Pakistan Prime Minister Imran Khan’s wife Bushra Bibi, has claimed before the court that the former Prime Minister used to visit his house and they had illicit relations. Both of them used to go to a room together.

‘Marriage of Imran and Bushra is not valid’

Express Tribune newspaper reported on Tuesday that Muhammad Latif, an employee of Maneka, has made revelations in a case related to the illegal marriage of Imran Khan and Bushra Bibi. The case has been presented to the court, who are to determine its admissibility. Maneka had said in an interview with the media that Imran and Bushra Bibi got married during Iddat. This is the waiting period of a Muslim woman after the death of her husband or divorce. Marriage is not valid during this period.

‘Bushra and Imran used to ask to go out of the room’

Latif claimed before the judge that when I used to go into the room, both of them would misbehave with me and ask me to go out. Both of them never allowed him to stay in the room with them. She also claimed that the two were having an illicit relationship. The next hearing of the case will be on December 8.

Former Prime Minister of Pakistan and Chairman of Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf Party (PTI) Imran Khan is in jail in several cases including corruption. He has been involved in many controversies in his personal life also. Meanwhile, Khawar Maneka, ex-husband of his wife Bushra Biwi, has made serious allegations against Imran Khan. These allegations have created a sensation in Pakistan. Maneka, the ex-husband of Imran’s wife Bushra Biwi, has accused Imran Khan that ‘Imran has ruined his married life. Imran used to come to his house without permission.

Imran ruined our married life, alleges ex-husband

Earlier, Khawar Maneka, former husband of Imran’s wife Bushra Bibi, had made serious allegations against PTI Chairman Imran Khan. He had made sensational revelations about Imran’s third marriage and his divorce. In a program of Geo News, Maneka said that Imran ruined her married life. He said, ‘Our marriage lasted for 28 years. Our married life was going happily, but Imran Khan ruined it. He further said that Bushra Bibi married Imran in 2017 just one and a half months after their divorce. However, he also said that his children and he had no information about this. Even when the news came in the media, I had denied it. Imran Khan married Bushra Bibi in January 2018.

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