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In America, the court sentenced a 15 year old teenager to life imprisonment, the heart will tremble after knowing about the crime.

Image Source: AP
America’s court.

The biggest news in the world of crime is coming out from America today. This is probably the first time that such a heavy punishment has been announced to a juvenile for crimes. When an American court sentenced a 15-year-old teenager for his most heinous crimes in a case, the people present in the court got goosebumps. Kishore and his lawyer might not have even imagined such a huge punishment. But considering the most brutal crime committed by the teenager, the court boldly pronounced its verdict without considering his age, and the hearts of the people present there shuddered. You will also be surprised to know about the crime of this teenager that how can he commit such a big crime at his age?… But it is true. Let us now tell you the whole matter.

In fact, the crime for which the American court has given life imprisonment to the teenager is very scary. Therefore, while hearing the case, a judge in Pontiac, America, announced such a harsh punishment. The convicted teenager was given this punishment for killing four students at Oxford High School in America and creating fear in the minds of others. This teen is from Michigan. On Friday the court sentenced him to life imprisonment.

Defense arguments rejected

The court kept in mind the brutal crime of the teenager while sentencing him and hence rejected all the arguments of the defence. Judge Kwame Rowe rejected defense lawyers’ requests for a lesser sentence and ruled that Anthony Crumbley, 17, should not be given the chance for parole. Crumbley was 15 years old at the time of the attack at his school in 2021. “I did what I set out to do,” Crumbley said before being sentenced. I couldn’t stop myself. I did terrible things.

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