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In California, this woman killed her lover by stabbing her more than 100 times, one reason saved her from going to jail – India TV Hindi

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Woman accused of stabbing her lover more than 100 times in California.

A California woman killed her boyfriend by stabbing him 108 times. But due to one reason he does not have to go to jail for this crime. In this case, a California woman was convicted of stabbing her lover 108 times, but now the judge has released her. The court ruled that she was in “cannabis-induced psychosis” and “had no control over her actions” when she stabbed her boyfriend, US media reported. Therefore it was decided not to send him to jail.

Brian Spejcher, 32, stabbed Chad O’Melia during a drug-induced psychosis in 2018 and was found guilty of involuntary manslaughter. On Tuesday, he was sentenced to two years’ probation and ordered to perform 100 hours of community service. According to the report, Superior Court Judge David Worley ruled that Brianna Spejcher “had no control over her actions” when she entered a psychotic episode and stabbed Chad O’Melia. Therefore he cannot be sent to jail.

After killing her lover, she also stabbed herself with a knife.

According to prosecutors, the stabbing occurred at Chad O’Melia’s apartment in Thousand Oaks on the night of May 27 and 28 in 2018. Prosecutors said Spejcher stabbed O’Melia, an accountant, about 108 times. Earlier the couple had smoked marijuana together. After this he also stabbed himself repeatedly. According to the statement, “Spezcher had an adverse reaction to marijuana and what experts call a cannabis-induced psychotic disorder.

” “During that psychotic episode, Spejcher stabbed O’Melia multiple times, killing her.” The couple had been seeing each other for a few weeks before Brian brutally murdered the 26-year-old accountant. After killing him, law enforcement found O’Melia covered in blood and Speicher “still held the knife in his hands.” He also stabbed himself in the neck when police attempted to apprehend him.

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