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India and Britain will increase China’s tension, British warships will be deployed in the Indian Ocean

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British warships will be deployed in the Indian Ocean

Rajnath Singh Britain Visit: India and Britain together are going to increase the tension in China. Britain will show its friendship with India by sending its warships to the Indian Ocean to show its status to China which is showing its dominance in the sea. This was agreed upon during the visit of Indian Defense Minister Rajnath Singh to Britain.

The British government on Wednesday unveiled plans to deploy Royal Navy warships to the Indian Ocean region later this year for operations and training with the Indian military. This is being seen as a sign of strengthening strategic relations between Britain and India. UK Defense Minister Grant Shapps said the Littoral Response Group (LRG) will be deployed this year and the Carrier Strike Group (CRG) in 2025 for joint India-UK training. Shapps co-chaired the India-UK Defense Industry CEO Roundtable with Defense Minister Rajnath Singh on Wednesday following bilateral talks.

The deployment of Britain’s most advanced naval capabilities has been cited by the UK Ministry of Defense (MOD) as a decisive step in strengthening security ties with India. “There is no doubt that the world is increasingly competitive, so it is vital that we continue to grow our strategic relationships with key partners like India,” Shapps said.

“Together, we share common security challenges and are steadfast in our commitment to maintaining an open and prosperous Indo-Pacific,” he said. It is clear that this relationship continues to grow from strength to strength, but we must continue to work together to maintain global security in the face of threats and challenges that seek to destabilize and harm us.”

Rajnath said this by posting on ‘X’

LRG is a Royal Navy task group consisting of at least two warships. CRG is an aircraft carrier warship of the Royal Navy. The CRG’s first deployment was to the Indo-Pacific region in 2021, where it conducted joint exercises with Indian forces. After the conference, Defense Minister Singh posted on social media platform ‘X’, ‘Great interaction with industry leaders and CEOs (Chief Executive Officers) at the UK-India Defense CEO Roundtable in London.’ He said, ‘India envisions a prosperous partnership with the UK for collaboration, co-creation and co-innovation. By coordinating the powers of both the countries, we can do big work together.

Britain and India will start exercises between armies: Defense Ministry

The Defense Ministry said the latest deployment reflects the enhanced partnership during the Indian Defense Minister’s first visit to the UK this week. The Defense Ministry said, ‘In the coming years, Britain and India will start more complex exercises between their respective armies. Under this, we will conduct an important joint exercise before the end of 2030, which will support the shared goals of securing vital trade routes and upholding international rules.

Rajnath Singh presented the idol of Shri Ram to British PM Sunak

Defense Minister Rajnath Singh concluded his visit here on Thursday after holding a warm meeting with British Prime Minister Rishi Sunak and meeting members of the Indian community at a community event. Singh met Sunak on Wednesday at the Prime Minister’s residence cum office ’10 Downing Street’ here. They held detailed discussions on bilateral defense and economic relations issues. During the meeting, Singh also presented a statue of Ram Darbar to Sunak, Britain’s first Hindu Prime Minister. “I had a warm meeting with British Prime Minister Rishi Sunak in London,” the Defense Minister said in a statement on social media. He said, “I had the opportunity to discuss many issues with him.” We discussed issues of defence, economic cooperation and ways India and Britain can build a peaceful and stable global rules-based order.

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