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India opened its “new naval base” near Maldives, created panic from China to Male – India TV Hindi

Image Source : THE JAPAN TIMES
India’s new naval base near Maldives.

After Maldives’ increased proximity to China and India’s tension with newly elected President Mohammed Muizzu, the Indian Navy has created a stir with a big step. India has built a new naval base near Maldives, from where all types of maritime operations and wars can be carried out. Maldives and China have come under India’s jurisdiction from here. This step of India has created panic from Male to Beijing. According to a Reuters report, India has taken this big step to respond to the increasing closeness between Maldives and China.

Amidst strained relations with Maldives and keeping an eye on Beijing, India opened this new naval base on Wednesday. Let us tell you that India has opened this new naval base on its Indian Ocean island near Maldives. This has been done in view of the strained relations with Male and Maldives’ growing closeness with China.

India deployed INS Jatayu on Lakshadweep archipelago

India has deployed INS Jatayu on its Lakshadweep islands to respond to Maldives and China. This new naval base on Minicoy island of Lakshadweep archipelago was under construction for years. Now it was completed on Wednesday. This naval base is the most remote base on the west coast of India. However, there has been a small naval presence on the island for decades. But India has now inaugurated it at a time when Maldives has put pressure on India to withdraw about 80 of its soldiers. These soldiers were deployed by India to provide technical and medical support on three aircraft given to the southern neighboring nation of Maldives.

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