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Indian commandos landed on the hijacked ship, rescued all 21 crew members safely.

Image Source : ANI
Indian commandos landed on the hijacked ship

Somalia Ship Rescue: Indian Navy commandos landed on a merchant ship hijacked near Somalia. Thanks to the bravery of the Navy, all 21 crew on board the ship (including 15 Indians) were safely evacuated from the fort. Earlier, the Navy had deployed a warship, maritime patrol aircraft P-8I and long-range ‘Predator MQ9B drone’ to locate MV Leela Norfolk after its hijacking.

According to the information, the Indian crew on board the ship is safe and the Marine Commandos are ready for Marcos operation. Information about the hijacking of this ship named ‘MV Leela Norfolk’ was received on Thursday evening. The ship was hijacked off the coast of Somalia and flown under the Liberian flag. Indian Navy aircraft are continuously keeping an eye on the ship. Marine Commandos of the Indian Navy have killed the hijackers.

All Indians safe on board

It has been revealed that, 15 Indians and all the crew aboard the kidnapped ship MV Lily Norfolk are safe. Indian Navy marine commandos are also clearing other parts of the ship. Indian Navy Chief Admiral R Hari Kumar has issued instructions to Indian warships operating in the Arabian Sea to take the strictest action against pirates, military officials said.

Four warships of the Indian Navy were deployed in the Arabian Sea to prevent attacks on merchant ships in the region. According to the information, Marine Commandos had arrived for the Marcos operation. The Indian warship landed its helicopter and issued a warning to the pirates to abandon the looted ship.

Fighter ship ‘INS Chennai’ is very dangerous

Indian Navy’s dreaded warship INS Chennai was sent to rescue the hijacked ship MV Leela Norfolk off the Somalian coast. Marcos commandos were in it. INS Kolkata is a class stealth guided missile destroyer. The Navy has remained a strength since 2016. The motto of this warship is Enemy Destroyer. The length of this warship with 7500 tons displacement is 535 feet. The beam is 57 feet. Can run at a maximum speed of 56 km per hour.

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