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Indian origin driver arrested with 400 Kg of meth in North America near Canada border – India TV Hindi

Image Source : CANADA AGENCY
Narcotic meth recovered from Indian origin driver.

An Indian-origin truck driver has been arrested with 400 kg of narcotic meth in the Prairie of North America bordering Canada, which is the biggest bust in the history of the Prairie. 400 kg of methamphetamine has been recovered from Indian origin truck driver Komalpreet Sidhu. The market value of this consignment is estimated at 51 million Canadian dollars in Manitoba, Canada. It is being called the largest drug bust in the history of the Prairies.

Canadian border officials have made “the largest drug seizure in the history of the Prairies”. The bust, conducted at the Boissevain (land) port of entry into the Canadian province of Manitoba, resulted in the arrest of the Indian-origin driver, Komalpreet Sidhu. Authorities found 406.2 kilograms of suspected ‘methamphetamine’ inside a commercial truck driven by Sidhu on January 14. This consignment was packed in a big suitcase. CBSA agents found 200 such wrapped packets in the suitcase.

Drug trafficking is at its peak in Canada

The methamphetamine seized is approximately 4 million illegal doses. “The accused are charged with importing and trafficking methamphetamine into Canada valued at more than $50 million,” said Janali Bell-Boychuk, regional director general (Prairie region) of the Canada Border Services Agency (CBSA). Regional Director General (Prairie Region) said “The CBSA and the RCMP work hard every day to protect Canadians and ensure that those who break our laws are held accountable. According to CBSA, the arrested driver has been identified as Komalpreet Sidhu, 29, of Indian origin, resident of Winnipeg, Canada and has been charged with import and possession of ‘methamphetamine’. Komalpreet has been produced before the Manitoba Law Court on February 1.

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