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Indian soldiers start withdrawing from Maldives, know who will replace the Indian Army soldiers? – India TV Hindi

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Mohammad Moizzu

Ever since Mohammed Moizzu became the President of Maldives, he has been continuously saying that the Indian Army, which has been deployed for more than three decades, should be called back from Maldives to India. China supporter Mohammad Moizzu had also given time for this. Now its implementation has started. The withdrawal of Indian soldiers deployed in Maldives has started. Another team is reaching there to replace the Indian soldiers. The first batch of this special technical team reached Male, the capital of Maldives.

The Defense Ministry of Maldives said that instead of Indian military personnel, technical team personnel will now be deployed on Indian properties in the country. These personnel will handle the helicopters provided by India. Maldivian President Mohammed Muizzu had asked India to withdraw its armed forces back to India. Not only this, he also fought his election on the slogan ‘India Out’. Moijju had asked India to withdraw its armed forces from India and send civilian technical teams in their place. Now this work is being done on his instructions.

Indian technical team reached Male

In a statement issued by the Defense Ministry of Maldives, it has been said that the civilian team operating the helicopter in place of the Indian soldiers currently deployed in Seenu Gan (Addu city) has reached Maldives on Monday evening. Indian military personnel present at the airport have started the handover process to civilians in the early hours of Tuesday. The Maldives Defense Ministry said the helicopter deployed at Laamu Gan Kadhadhoo air base would be returned to India for maintenance and a replacement helicopter would arrive on board the Indian warship on Wednesday.

The matter of withdrawal of military personnel was decided between the two countries.

Currently 70 to 80 Indian military personnel are in Maldives mainly to operate two Indian helicopters and one aircraft. They have carried out many medical emergency and humanitarian missions. The Maldives Foreign Ministry, after a high-level meeting between India and Maldives in Delhi on February 2, had said that India will replace its military personnel operating three aviation platforms in the Maldives by May 10. This work is being done under that.

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