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India’s powerful navy comes to take revenge in the Arabian Sea, the work of attackers of commercial ships will be ruined

Image Source : PTI
Indian Navy (symbolic photo)

The Indian Navy has arrived in the Arabian Sea to destroy the attackers of commercial ships. Seeing India’s powerful navy has created panic in the Arabian Sea. The Indian Navy on Tuesday said it has launched a “focused” maritime security operation in the region in view of recent incidents in the region, including the attack on commercial vessel MV Chem Pluto in the Arabian Sea. The Navy’s announcement came hours after Defense Minister Rajnath Singh, at an event in Mumbai, pledged to take strict action against the culprits of the attacks. As soon as the Indian Navy’s operation began, there was panic among pirates and terrorists.

To ensure maritime security, Indian Navy warships and attack helicopters have started patrolling in the Arabian Sea. This has created panic among the enemies. The Navy has made complete planning to selectively kill the attackers and bandits. “In view of the recent maritime incidents in the Arabian Sea, the Indian Navy has launched a focused maritime security operation in the region,” the Navy said in a statement. The presence of Indian Navy warships and aerial surveillance has been increased in the area.

Indian Navy took steps after attack on commercial ship

”There was a drone attack on the commercial ship ‘MV Chem Pluto’ with 21 Indian crew members on board about 217 nautical miles off Porbandar on Saturday, following which the Indian Navy and the Indian Coast Guard responded to provide assistance to the ship. Deployed many ships. The Gabon-flagged crude oil merchant ship MV Sai Baba was also attacked by a drone in the southern Red Sea on Saturday but no one was injured in the incident, according to Indian officials and the US military. There were 25 Indians among the crew members on the ship. (language)

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