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International Court overturns in Ukraine war case, says this in favor of Russia – India TV Hindi

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The Hague (Netherlands): The top court of the United Nations has given a reversal in the Russia-Ukraine war case. Let us tell you that Ukraine had filed a case of genocide of civilians against Russia in the International Court of Justice (ICJ). But the ICJ said that it cannot give a decision on this. Not only this, the ICJ said that instead of giving a verdict on the genocide case against Russia, it will see whether Ukraine has violated international treaties or not. Now even Ukrainian President Zelensky has been surprised by this stance of the International Court.

The ICJ said Friday it has jurisdiction to rule on Ukraine’s request to declare that Ukraine is not responsible for genocide, but not on other aspects of Ukraine’s case against Russia. Both countries have repeatedly accused each other of genocide. Ukraine was attacked by Russia in February 2022, and days later, Ukraine filed a case with the International Criminal Court (ICJ) alleging that Russia used false claims of genocide to justify the attack, which led to the Second World War. The biggest conflict in Europe after World War II began. But the court said that it cannot give a decision on this issue.

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The ICJ said it would instead rule on whether Ukraine violated the treaty, as Russian President Vladimir Putin has used to justify the invasion. Had claimed. However, it may still take years for a legally binding decision to be reached. Court President John E. Donoghue said, “In the present case, even if Russia has maliciously alleged that Ukraine has committed genocide and taken certain measures against it under such pretext, as the defendants (Ukraine ) argue, this would not in itself be a violation of the Convention against Genocide.’ (AP)

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