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International report on Pakistan elections scares, says ‘if rigging occurs, there will be an outcry’ – India TV Hindi

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International report on Pakistan elections

Pakistan Election 2024: There is general election in Pakistan today. Voting, which started in the morning, is continuing. Strict security arrangements have been made for the elections. More than 6500 security personnel have been deployed to deal with any untoward situation. These elections are being held under the shadow of violence and terrorism. In such a situation, an international report has scared. According to this international report, if Pakistan’s elections are rigged, there will be an uproar.

This prediction was made regarding elections

Ahead of the 10th general elections to be held in Pakistan on Thursday, a report by the International Crisis Group (ICG) has predicted that no matter which party wins the elections, its legitimacy is certain to be challenged, The News reported quoting the report. It has been reported that the opportunities to correct flaws in the process are rapidly diminishing, so there could be disputes over voting on election day.

Controversy over PTI not getting uniform election symbol

The report suggests that the higher judiciary has removed some of the obstacles to a reasonably competitive election amid deep polarization in the country, but on the other hand, the Election Commission’s decision has received the support of the Supreme Court. A fierce controversy has erupted due to PTI not being given a common election symbol. ‚ÄúPakistan is holding general elections in an environment of deep political polarization and former Prime Minister Imran Khan’s military crackdown on PTI.

Disputed voting may challenge the legitimacy of the government

Huang Le Thu, director of ICG Asia, said the election commission should ensure that all parties, including PTI, contest the elections and that all voters, especially women, are able to cast their ballot, The News reported. A disputed vote would damage the legitimacy of the incoming government, leaving it with insufficient resources to deal with the political and economic instability that is sure to follow.

This is a challenge for Pakistan which is facing cash shortage.

A new, long-term agreement with the International Monetary Fund will be crucial to ensuring the continued flow of external aid to cash-strapped Pakistan, the report said. But such an agreement will not be enough to keep the economy afloat in the absence of political stability.

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