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Iran-backed Houthis fired 2 antiship ballistic missiles into the Red Sea, now give this threat

Image Source: Reuters
Houthis fired antiship ballistic missile in the Red Sea.

Iran-backed Houthis have again created panic in the sea by firing two antiship ballistic missiles into the Red Sea. The US Central Command said that Iran-backed Houthi terrorists carried out this attack in the southern Red Sea. The Houthis fired two anti-ship ballistic missiles. However, no damage has been reported. The Uthiye control most of the kingdom, including Yemen’s capital. The Houthis have carried out several attacks on commercial ships in the Red Sea since October 9, in solidarity with Palestinians in Gaza.

According to Reuters report, the ships that the Houthis have targeted so far in Lal Lagar either have ties to Israel or were headed towards Israel. CENTCOM said several commercial vessels in the area have reported missile attacks in surrounding waters. This has created a stir in the sea. Houthis have also targeted an American warship. But once again he has threatened to attack the American warship.

have attacked these ships

The Houthis have so far attacked several ships in the Red Sea. In the latest incident, Britain’s United Kingdom Maritime Trade Operations Authority earlier reported three explosions 5 nautical miles from a merchant ship in the Bab al-Mandab Strait, 33 nautical miles east of Assab, Eritrea, but there were no reports of any damage. There was no report. In response to the attacks many shipping lines have suspended operations through the Red Sea waterway, instead making the longer voyage around Africa. The Houthis have threatened to continue their attacks unless Israel ends a ceasefire in Gaza. The Houthis warned that the militia group would attack US warships if they were targeted.

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