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Iran enraged over Pakistan’s air strike, gave this ultimatum to Pakistan

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Iran enraged over Pakistan’s air strike

Pakistan News: Tension has increased further between Pakistan and Iran. If the situation continues like this, another war may break out. According to the information, Pakistan was upset after Iran’s missile attack on Pakistan. Now Pakistan has also retaliated by airstrike on Iran. There is news of death of 7 people in this action. Iran is enraged by this retaliatory action. Iran has strongly condemned Pakistan and given it an ultimatum to give an explanation.

Iran’s state TV has quoted sources as saying that Iran has strongly condemned the attack by Pakistan. Pakistan has also been asked to give immediate clarification. Iran carried out an airstrike in Pakistan’s Balochistan province on Tuesday. Since then there is tension between the two countries.

Pakistan retaliated on Thursday

Pakistan retaliated today i.e. on Thursday morning by launching Operation ‘Marg Bar Sarmachar’ against the terrorists hiding in Iran. Pakistan claims that it has killed many terrorists in this operation.

Iran is deeply enraged after this incident. Iran has clearly said that Pakistan will have to give clarification on these decisions.

Iran entered Pakistan and carried out airstrike

Let us tell you that first of all Iran had entered the border of Pakistan and carried out an air strike. Iran had created a sensation by attacking with missiles on the Pakistan border. Everyone’s eyes were on this action of Iran against Pakistan, a comparatively powerful country after Iraq and Syria. Iran later clarified that it did not attack the common people but the Sunni terrorist organization based in the Pakistan border, which keeps attacking Iran.

Tension has increased on Iran and Pakistan border

However, Pakistan clarified on this attack that two children died. But Pakistan expelled the Iranian ambassador from its country. This is not the first time that border conflict has been seen between Iran and Pakistan. However, this time the matter has gone further. Iran, already troubled by the war between Israel and Hamas, has taken Pakistan’s retaliatory action seriously.

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