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Iran’s Navy seized an oil tanker, now tension may increase in the Gulf of Oman

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Iran’s navy seized an oil tanker

Middle East News: Tension is continuously increasing in the Middle East. There is a possibility of increasing tension first in Gaza, then in the Red Sea and now in the Gulf of Oman. Because an oil tanker has been seized from Iran. According to the information, Iran’s Navy seized an oil tanker in the Gulf of Oman on Thursday. The officers provided this information.

Due to the seizure of the tanker, there is a possibility of further increase in tension in the waterways in West Asia. This tanker was once known as ‘Suez Rajan’ and was embroiled in controversy for a year. The US government had seized approximately 1 million barrels of Iranian crude oil present in this tanker. According to the news of government news agency ‘Irna’, Iran’s Navy has seized an oil tanker.

Armed people had entered the tanker

According to the news, it has been seized under a judicial order. According to this, the tanker was seized on Thursday afternoon, a few hours after armed men boarded it. Private security company Ambre said that “four to five armed men” boarded the ship. The company said it was identified as the oil tanker ‘St Nicholas’. It said people had covered the surveillance cameras when they boarded the tanker.

Tension has increased in the Red Sea

‘St Nicholas’ was earlier named Suez Rajan, which belonged to the Greek shipping company ‘Empire Navigation’. Tension is continuously increasing in the waterways of West Asia. There is already tension in the Red Sea due to the Israel-Hamas war. Yemen’s Houthi rebels have announced attacks on ships belonging to Israel. Houthi rebels have also hijacked a ship.

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