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Is China going to attack? 7 Chinese fighter jets and 4 naval ships hovering around Taiwan – India TV Hindi

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7 Chinese fighter jets hovering around Taiwan

China and Taiwan: China has always been aggressive regarding Taiwan. Meanwhile, 7 Chinese fighter jets and 4 naval ships were seen hovering around Taiwan. This claim has been made by Taiwan’s Ministry of National Defense ‘MND’ itself. Due to this there is fear whether China is going to attack Taiwan? According to the information, Taiwan’s Ministry of National Defense (MND) has detected seven Chinese military aircraft and four naval ships around Taiwan between 6 am (local time) on Tuesday. Meanwhile, Taiwan’s MND said that after this provocative action by China, Taiwan sent aircraft and naval ships and deployed air defense missile system to monitor the activities of the People’s Liberation Army (PLA), i.e. the Chinese Army.

Chinese spy balloon seen, then disappeared: Taiwan claims

Taiwan’s MND, however, said no PLA aircraft crossed the Taiwan Strait midline or entered Taiwan’s southwest air defense identification zone (ADIZ) during that period. Meanwhile a Chinese balloon was seen crossing the center line 119 km (64 nmi) northwest of Keelung at 10:30 am (local time) on Tuesday. The balloon flew east and disappeared at 12:15 pm (local time), Taiwan News reported.

Since January, 298 Chinese fighter jets have harassed Taiwan.

So far in January, Taiwan has detected 298 Chinese military aircraft and 136 naval ships. The report said that since September 2020, China has intensified the use of gray zone tactics by increasing the number of military aircraft and naval ships operating around Taiwan. As Taiwan News reports, the gray zone strategy is “an effort or series of efforts beyond steady-state deterrence and reassurance that seeks to achieve one’s security objectives without the direct and large use of force.”

Taiwan conducted war exercises to deal with possible war

Meanwhile, Taiwan’s Marine Corps conducted a maritime exercise at Zuoying Naval Base in Kaohsiung on Wednesday, involving a minesweeper and a domestically-built assault boat, to prepare for a Chinese invasion, Focus Taiwan reports. Used to conduct maritime surveillance and combat operations to protect against.

Taiwan’s indigenous boats also took part in the maritime exercise

Citing the Central News Agency (CNA). The maneuvers, which took place in the waters around Zuoying Harbor, were designed to test the Marine Corps’ ability to quickly identify Chinese military movements, as well as their combat readiness and capability, CNA reported. During the exercise, the Taiwan Navy made an emergency departure from the port with a minelayer and an indigenous M109 assault boat and conducted a variety of actions, including surveillance and use of radar systems and drones to alert the warship forces to hostile forces.

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