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Islamic countries are opposing Israel, but this Muslim country is standing with them, know the reason – India TV Hindi

Image Source: AP
Israeli PM Benjamin Netanyahu.

Israel Azerbaijan: The war continues between Israel and Hamas. Meanwhile, all the Islamic countries have united against Israel. Even in the UN, the Islamic countries got enraged after America vetoed the proposal for ceasefire in Gaza. But amidst all this, a Muslim country is in favor of Israel. Know what is the reason behind this?

Israel’s friend country is the Muslim country Azerbaijan. Azerbaijan itself is embroiled in a war with Armenia. Meanwhile, Israel has become the leader in the list of countries importing oil from Azerbaijan.

Muslim country Azerbaijan sells the most oil to Israel.

Despite many international pressures, both the countries have increased their cooperation. Azerbaijan published its oil export data for January 2024 during the security conference in Munich on 16-18 February. Data shows that Israel ranks first in the table of oil exporting countries. Azerbaijan’s data shows that it exported 523.5 thousand tons to Israel. This was around $297 million. This figure is much higher than Thailand, Italy and other countries that import oil from Azerbaijan.

Israeli President Isaac Herzog also met Azerbaijan’s President Ilham Aliyev in Munich itself. Aliyev’s office in Baku, the capital of Azerbaijan, released a statement regarding the meeting between him and his Israeli counterpart. The statement said the two presidents discussed various areas of cooperation between Azerbaijan and Israel, including commercial, economic, cultural and humanitarian relations. On one hand, ignoring the pressure from Muslim countries, Azerbaijan is selling oil to Israel and at the same time it is also buying weapons from it.

Amidst international pressure, relations between the two countries are deepening

Reports from Muslim-majority Azerbaijan indicate that President Aliyev has continued his policy of promoting relations with Israel despite international pressure over the Gaza war. Israeli officials and Jewish leaders attending the security conference in Munich expressed concern about the Diaspora Ministry’s latest report on the state of anti-Semitism in the world. This indicates a very worrying increase in anti-Semitism. It also talks about the increase in anti-Jewish sentiments in Armenia.

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