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Islamic State is raising its head again! Took responsibility for the attack on Istanbul church – India TV Hindi

Image Source: AP
One person lost his life in the church attack in Istanbul.

Istanbul: The notorious terrorist organization Islamic State, which was counting its last breaths till a few years ago, has once again started raising its head. The latest case is from Istanbul, Turkey, where Islamic State has taken responsibility for the attack on a church. There was an attack in the church during the prayer meeting on Sunday in which one person died. Islamic State issued a statement late Sunday saying it attacked “Christian heretics during their polytheistic event” inside the Santa Maria Church in Istanbul’s Büyükdere on Sunday.

Islamic State published pictures of 2 masked men

Turkish Interior Minister Ali Yerlikaya said late on Sunday night that two Islamic State members have been arrested in connection with the attack, one from Tajikistan and the other from Russia. The statement of IS has been published by its media branch ‘Amaq’ and along with it a picture of two masked men holding guns has also been published. Islamic State described them as the attackers and said that one person was killed and another was injured in the attack. However, Turkish officials say that one person has died in the attack and no one else was injured.

Police raided 30 places, 47 detained

Home Minister Yerlikaya said that in connection with the investigation of this attack, the police raided 30 places and detained 47 people. He said, ‘We will never tolerate those who try to disturb the peace of our country. These people could be terrorists, their associates, national or international criminal groups and people who target our unity and solidarity. Let us tell you that recently Islamic State has carried out attacks in many countries including Afghanistan, Turkey, Uganda and Congo, in which many people have lost their lives.

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