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Israel again launches airstrike on Gaza, 16 people including many children killed – India TV Hindi

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Israel again airstrike on Gaza

Israel Hamas War: Israel is continuously attacking Hamas. Amidst the fierce fighting in Northern Gaza, Israel has carried out a major airstrike on South Gaza. There is news of death of 16 people in this horrific attack. According to the information, 16 people have died in the air strike by Israel in Rafah town located in the southern part of Gaza, half of them are children. A doctor gave this information on Thursday.

No information found whether Hamas gave medicines to the hostages or not

The army is continuing its attacks on this area and the common people here have been asked to take shelter in other places. Meanwhile, it was not clear whether the medicines sent to the region on Wednesday under an agreement brokered by France and Qatar were distributed to those held hostage by Hamas. More than 100 days after Hamas began retaliating against Israel on October 7, Israel is continuing one of the deadliest and most destructive military operations ever.

Continuous attacks, what is Israel’s goal?

Israel’s goal is to destroy the terrorist group that has ruled Gaza since 2007 and free the hostages. Now the danger of the entire region coming under the grip of this war has increased. Since the Israeli attack, more than 24 thousand Palestinians have been killed and 85 percent of the people in Gaza Strip, with a total population of 23 lakh, have been displaced. According to the United Nations, one fourth of the population is a victim of starvation.

The family members are mourning after keeping the dead body

Talat Barhoum, a doctor at Rafah’s Al-Najjar hospital, confirmed the casualties in the Rafah attack. He said dozens of other people were injured. Hospital photos obtained by The Associated Press show people mourning near the bodies of their loved ones. “They are facing starvation, they were dying of hunger and now attacks on them have also started,” said Mahmood Qasim, a relative of those killed.

Gaza fire spreading throughout the Middle East

On the other hand, according to the information, mobile phone and internet services have been disrupted in Gaza for the last five days, which is a record for the longest continuous period of closure of these services during the war. Meanwhile, the war that started between Hamas and Israel seems to be spreading throughout West Asia.

Iran, Lebanon’s Hezbollah, Yemen’s Houthi all aggressive

Iran-backed groups have targeted US and Israeli targets. Low-intensity fighting between Israel and Hezbollah militants in Lebanon risks sparking an all-out war. Houthi rebels in Yemen have continued to target international shipping despite US-led air strikes.

Agreement for sending medicines to Hamas and Israel for the first time

For the first time since November, an agreement has been signed between Hamas and Israel to send medicines. Hamas said that in addition to food and humanitarian aid, medicines would be sent to 1,000 Palestinians in exchange for a box of medicine for the hostages. Qatar confirmed late Wednesday that the medicine had arrived in Gaza, but it was not yet clear whether it had been delivered to the hostages.

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