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Israel-Hamas’ new deal, now ceasefire will last till this day

Image Source : ANI
Israel-Hamas war.

The ceasefire between Israel and Hamas has brought some peace after the terrible war. A deal has also been made between the two sides to release the hostages. Amidst this four-day ceasefire, news has come that both sides have decided to extend the ceasefire by 2 more days. Qatar’s Foreign Ministry has announced this. With the help of this move, there is a possibility of more hostages being returned from the capture of Hamas.

New batch of hostages released

Hamas released 11 new hostages on Monday night as the ceasefire was extended by two days. This release has been made on the fourth day of the ceasefire. In return, Israel has released a total of 33 Palestinian prisoners. Let us tell you that these Israeli citizens were held hostage by Hamas in Gaza Strip for the last 52 days.

America welcomed

White House official John Kirby said Qatar was welcome to extend a moratorium on military operations in Gaza until Thursday morning. This would allow the release of another twenty Israeli hostages held by Hamas and the flow of additional humanitarian aid to the war-torn region. He told that Joe Biden had talked to both the Emir of Qatar and Israeli Prime Minister Netanyahu regarding this.

What did Hamas say?

Hamas’s statement regarding the two-day additional ceasefire with Israel has also come to light. Hamas said it had agreed with its Qatari and Egyptian brethren to extend the temporary humanitarian ceasefire for an additional two days. Let us tell you that Qatar is playing an important role in the ceasefire in this war. Qatar is also the home of high level leaders of Hamas.

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