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Israel has opened a new front of war, after North and South Gaza, now there is war here.

Image Source: AP
Buildings destroyed by Israeli army attack in Gaza.

After wreaking havoc in Northern and Southern Gaza, the Israeli Army has now opened a new front of war. This has spread panic among the people. Israel has asked people to immediately evacuate the areas on the new front of the war before bombing them. If people do not leave the area within the stipulated time, the Israeli army will start attacks from its side. Therefore, to save common citizens from harm, they have been asked to immediately move to safe areas. This has created a stir among the people. Israeli PM Netanyahu has warned the terrorists that wherever you are, we will reach you and destroy you.

Let us tell you that Israeli security forces on Tuesday expanded their ground attack on urban refugee camps in central Gaza after bombing crowded areas of Palestine and ordering people to evacuate the area. Gaza’s main telecommunications provider announced a “complete interruption” of services in these areas. The opening of a potential new battlefield indicates that the road ahead is devastating and long, as Israel vows to crush Hamas following the October 7 attack on southern Israel. Israeli forces have been engaged in heavy fighting in northern Gaza and the southern city of Khan Yunis for weeks, forcing Palestinians to flee to smaller areas in the area to seek refuge.

Netanyahu said- the fight is not close to ending yet

The US said Israel’s Strategic Affairs Minister Ron Dermer was meeting with Secretary of State Antony Blinken and National Security Adviser Jake Sullivan. Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu warned that the fighting is “nowhere near” despite international pressure for a ceasefire and US calls to reduce the number of civilian casualties. “What we say to the Hamas terrorists is that we will reach you and destroy you,” Netanyahu said. The Israeli invasion is one of the most destructive military operations in recent history. The health ministry in Gaza said more than 20,900 people have died in the war, including two-thirds of them women and children. (AP)

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