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Israel laid 178 dead bodies in Gaza in 24 hours, the number of Palestinians killed in the war crossed 25 thousand – India TV Hindi

Image Source: AP
Horrible picture of Gaza war.

By the fourth month of the Israel-Hamas war, more than 25 thousand Palestinians have been killed in Gaza. This data has been released by the Health Ministry of Gaza. The figures say more than 25,000 Palestinians have died in the more than three-month-long war between Israel and Hamas. According to Gaza Health Ministry spokesman Ashraf al-Qidra, Israel has buried 178 corpses in the last 24 hours. Hundreds of people have also been injured. Proof of this is also that at least 178 dead bodies and about 300 injured have been brought to Gaza hospitals in the last 24 hours.

According to the United Nations, women and children suffer the most in the Israel-Hamas war. On October 7, Hamas suddenly attacked Israel and killed about 1200 people, most of whom were civilians. The attackers took about 250 hostages, including men, women and children. Israel launched retaliatory strikes with an air campaign and then launched a ground offensive into northern Gaza, nearly destroying the entire area. Israeli ground operations now focus on the southern city of Khan Yunis and refugee camps built in central Gaza.

Hundreds of people could not get out of the debris

Gaza’s Health Ministry says a total of 25,105 Palestinians have been killed in the area since October 7, while 62,681 others have been injured. The spokesman said many people were buried under debris caused by Israeli attacks, where medics could not reach them. The ministry did not provide any precise information about the difference between the number of civilians and combatants killed. However, it said that about two-thirds of those killed included women and minors. The Israeli military claimed, without providing any evidence, that approximately 9,000 militants had been killed. (AP)

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