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Israel will make Houthis taste fun in a new way, work will be done with the help of India – India TV Hindi

Image Source: AP
Israel will make Houthis taste fun in a new way

Israel and Houthi Rebel: The war continues between Israel and Hamas. Meanwhile, Yemen’s Houthi rebels, supported by Hamas, are creating trouble for Israel by targeting commercial ships headed towards Israel. In such a situation, Israel has come up with a new idea to continue the business with India. The benefit to Israel from this strategy will be that the goods loaded in ships going from Israel to Yemen through the Red Sea will not be in danger from the Houthi rebels. Amidst the attacks on Israeli ships by Houthis, Israel is now working on a plan to transport goods through UAE for trade with India. However, no official comment has come from UAE officials yet.

Know what Israel’s Transport Minister said?

In this regard, Israeli Transport Minister Miri Regev said in a post on ‘X’ that ‘We have formed professional teams to bring goods from Abu Dhabi to Israel by land route.’ He said that ‘land transportation of goods will reduce the time by 12 days and the existing waiting time due to the problem of Houthi attacks will also be significantly reduced. We will do this and we will succeed.’ However, Miri Regev did not yet disclose which land route would be used to transport the goods from the UAE to Israel and which countries the goods would pass through.

Why are Houthi rebels targeting Israeli ships?

Ever since the war between Israel and Hamas started, Houthi rebels have been increasing tension against Israel. Houthi rebels are supporters of Hamas, Houthis also get help from Iran. In such a situation, Houthi rebels are also opposing Israel’s attack on Hamas and are attacking Israeli ships. Meanwhile, Hamas claims that so far more than 25295 people have been killed in Israeli attacks.

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