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Israeli army captured the Northern Command of Islamic Jihad, found a cache of weapons

Image Source : X (IDF)
Israeli army recovered Hamas missiles and rockets.

The Israeli Army’s operation against Hamas terrorists in Gaza is going on in the final stage. So far, more than 11 thousand people have been killed in Gaza. Arab and Islamic countries have been demanding immediate ceasefire from Israel in Gaza. But the Israel Defense Forces (IDF) have vowed not to stop the war until the complete destruction of Hamas. Meanwhile, the Israeli army has captured the Northern Command of Islamic Jihad. This is a big blow to the terrorists of Hamas and Islamic Jihad.

Along with capturing the Northern Command, the Israeli Army has also recovered a large cache of dangerous weapons. IDF troops have detected heavy rockets, UAVs and additional weapons based on intelligence. The Israeli army said in a post on Twitter that we have captured the stronghold of the Northern Command of Islamic Jihad. The IDF said that now it has also attacked the Hamas stronghold from where the war material was found. Its picture has also been shared on X.

Nova Marciano (File)

Image Source :

Nova Marciano (File)

Kidnapped Noah Marciano’s body found near Shifa Hospital

Israeli forces also recovered the body of 19-year-old CPL Noah Marciano near Shifa Hospital. Marciano was kidnapped by Hamas terrorists following the October 7 attack on Israel. Then the terrorists kept him with them. Physically abused and tortured. Marciano was later murdered. Now his body has been discovered by IDF soldiers near Shifa Hospital in Gaza. The IDF expressed its heartfelt condolences to Marciano’s family. He also said that he will continue to support and help his family in every possible way.

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