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Israeli army carried out the deadliest attack on Gaza, killing 150 terrorists including Hamas launching station and weapons storage center.

Image Source : IDF
Israeli army.

The Israeli army has carried out the deadliest attack on Gaza. In this attack, the underground bases of Hamas terrorists, their war storage centers and launching stations have been destroyed. With this, 150 terrorists have been killed. This is a major attack by the Israeli Defense Forces (IDF) on Hamas. The Israeli army first discovered the hideouts of Hamas terrorists. After this a plan was made to blow them up. Israel carried out heavy air strikes against Hamas targets. Destructive missiles and steel bombs destroyed Hamas bases. The Hamas terrorists hiding at these bases did not get any chance to escape and all were killed in the missile attack.

The Israeli army has wreaked havoc on Gaza since the Hamas attack on October 7. Now the Israeli Army has also been conducting ground operations in Gaza for the last several days. During this time, the army is selectively eliminating the terrorists. Right now terrorists are hiding at many places. The Israeli Army is famous all over the world for its strong technology and by using the same technologies, it is locating and destroying the underground hideouts and launching stations of Hamas terrorists. This has broken the back of Hamas. Many buildings, roads, and dozens of bridges in Gaza have been damaged in the attack. This attack on Hamas was carried out by Israel’s 401st Brigade. During this period, 150 terrorists have been eliminated.

Israel controls Hamas in northern Gaza

After eliminating a large number of Hamas terrorists, Israeli army troops have gained control over the strongholds of Hamas terrorists in northern Gaza. The Army is now conducting operations against the terrorists hiding around the area. The army is also eliminating them one by one. On the other hand, Benjamin Netanyahu has instructed the Israeli army to continue the campaign until Hamas is completely eliminated in Gaza. So far, about 11 thousand people have died in Gaza due to the counterattack by the Israeli army. More than 2000 terrorists are also included in this.

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