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Israeli army created chaos in southern Gaza, hospitals filled with dead bodies

Image Source: AP
Amid the war, hospitals in southern Gaza were filled with dead bodies.

61st day of Israel-Hamas war: Israel has intensified attacks on Gaza after the temporary ceasefire. There is an outcry in Gaza due to Israeli attacks. On Wednesday, Israeli soldiers reached the center of Khan Yunis city in southern Gaza and fought a hand-to-hand battle with Hamas. Despite there being no safe area nearby, common people were forced to flee from this area. This struggle started from 7 October. Today, even after completion of two months, it has not stopped, but has reached the ‘next level’. While a face-to-face war is being fought, Israeli Air Force planes targeted Hamas targets in the densely populated coastal area and bombed them heavily.

Hospitals filled with dead and injured

The effect of this fighting was that hospitals were filled with dead and injured. Most of them are women and children. Palestinian doctors said hospitals were running out of medical supplies. Common citizens are searching for shelter but have to live on the streets. The Israeli army advanced towards the southern city with tanks on Wednesday and surrounded the city of Khan Younis and started firing. He attacked hundreds of targets, including a terrorist cell near a school. Hamas said Wednesday’s fighting was fierce. A large number of people were killed and casualties occurred in this. Hamas said Israeli tanks were deployed near the Khan Yunis refugee camp.

UN General Secretary invoked Article 99

The UN has woken up to the conflict that has been going on for two months in Gaza. UN Secretary General Antonio Guterres took a major step on this war for the first time on Wednesday. They invoked Article 99 of the UN Charter and officially referred the situation in Gaza to the UN Security Council. The UN chief has urged the Security Council to stop the humanitarian crisis in Gaza. The UN chief has highlighted the plight of Gaza’s civilians, who face grave danger. Guterres has alleged that there is no effective protection for civilians in Gaza and no one is safe. On the other hand, aid supplies in southern Gaza have been badly affected in the latest conflict.

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