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Jaishankar said in Japan, “China is responsible for border violence in 2020” – India TV Hindi

Image Source : PTI
External Affairs Minister S Jaishankar at the Raisina conference in Japan.

Tokyo: External Affairs Minister S Jaishankar on Thursday held China responsible for border violence in 2020, saying it did not follow long-standing written agreements with India. Speaking at the ‘Raisina Roundtable’, a think tank event in Tokyo, Jaishankar also said how he expected a change in Russia’s orientation towards the rest of the world and that it probably wanted multiple options in Asia. Discussing the changing world order in detail, Jaishankar, who is on a two-day visit to Japan, said, “A huge power shift is a reality in the Indo-Pacific.” When there are huge changes in capabilities and influence and possibly ambitions, all ambitions and strategic outcomes are also linked.

”He said, ”Now, it is not an issue whether you like it or you don’t like it. There is a reality there, you have to deal with that reality.” The External Affairs Minister said, ”Ideally, we believe that everyone will say, okay, things are changing, but it should be kept as stable as possible. Jaishankar said, “Unfortunately, we have not seen this in the case of China in the last decade. For example, between 1975 and 2020, there was no violence on the border in 45 years and the situation changed in 2020.

Not following agreements disrupts stability

Jaishankar said on a question, “We may disagree on many things, but when a country does not follow written agreements with a neighbor, I think then a question mark is raised on the stability of the relationship.” And to be honest, the intentions are questioned.” A standoff broke out on the eastern Ladakh border on May 5, 2020, following a violent clash in the Pangong Lake area. Relations between the two countries deteriorated significantly after the deadly Galwan Valley clash in June 2020, which was the most serious military conflict between the two sides in decades. India has been saying that its relations with China cannot be normal unless there is peace in the border areas. “We see this in the conflict in Europe, in the disregard for international law in Asia and in the developments in the Middle East,” Jaishankar said. He called for the 1993 border peace accord and “confidence-building” in the military sector along the Line of Actual Control. Mentioned the 1996 agreement on ‘measures’.

China is not following the rules

The Foreign Minister said, “Long-standing agreements are not necessarily being followed, raising questions about the sustainability of the conditions in which we all work.” A question after his address In response, he said, “So for India, in the changing world, our own balance, our own balance with other countries is also changing. There is no need to be bitter, but the balance is changing.” The External Affairs Minister had raised a similar issue while addressing an interactive session of a ‘think tank’ in Delhi on March 2. Amid the long-running military standoff in eastern Ladakh, Jaishankar said, “China should abide by border management agreements and there should be peace along the Line of Actual Control (LAC) to improve India-China relations.”

The minister also commented about Russia and its changing approach. He noted that during the past two years, Russia’s relations with Western countries have deteriorated due to the Ukraine conflict. “So today you really have the possibility that Russia is turning more and more toward Asia,” he said. He may also look to other continents but I would say Asia has the most multidimensional potential for him. march (language)

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