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Joe Biden’s big claim, Israel will stop attacking Gaza on this one condition – India TV Hindi

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Joe Biden’s big claim.

It has been almost 5 months since the ongoing war between Israel and Hamas in Gaza Strip. After the massacre perpetrated by Hamas in Israel, the Israeli Army has launched continuous attacks on the Gaza Strip. Gaza Strip has been almost destroyed in these attacks. At such a time, US President Joe Biden has made a big claim. He has informed that if any agreement is reached regarding the release of people held hostage by Hamas, then Israel is ready to stop attacks against terrorists in Gaza during Ramadan.

Agreement may be reached by next week

US President Joe Biden informed on Monday that the ceasefire agreement between Israel and Hamas may come into force by next week. Please note that this will be a temporary pause. Biden told in an interview that Ramadan is coming and the Israelis have made an agreement that they will not engage in (war) activities during Ramadan, so that there is time to get all the hostages out.

When will Ramadan start?

The month of Ramadan is going to start around March 10th. The month of Ramadan is of immense religious significance for millions of Muslims around the world and is a time of fasting from dawn to dusk. This month is being seen as an unofficial deadline for a ceasefire agreement. However, tensions between Israel and Palestine have increased during this holy month in the past.

Ceasefire agreement will be implemented in several phases

According to the information, the ceasefire agreement between Israel and Hamas will be implemented in several phases. Israel and Hamas to release hostages in six-week ceasefire agreement. Hamas will first release 40 Israeli hostages, after which Israel will also release the Palestinian prisoners in its jails. However, till now no official statement has come from Israel and Hamas regarding the ceasefire. (input language)

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