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Kamala Harris’s pain over the death of Palestinian civilians in Gaza spilled over, gave this advice to Israel

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Kamala Harris: The temporary ceasefire imposed after the war between Israel and Hamas has ended. After this, the Israeli army again started rapid attacks on Gaza. It is estimated that 15 thousand people have died in the war so far. America has expressed concern if war starts again after the ceasefire. The US Foreign Minister also reached Israel, but nothing materialized. After the start of the war, US President Kamala Harris has expressed concern over the killing of innocent civilians in Gaza. America says that many Palestinians have died in the war.

US Vice President Kamala Harris attended a press conference in Dubai on Saturday. During this he talked in depth on the issue of war. He said that how Israel defends itself matters. America’s stand is clear. We believe that international humanitarian law must be respected. Innocent Palestinians are being killed. The level of civilian suffering and the images coming from Gaza are devastating. This is heart breaking. We believe Israel should do more to protect innocent people.

Five principles for Gaza and the Palestinian people

Harris further said that I and President Joe Biden are already discussing with our security team. We are looking forward to what comes next for Gaza and the West Bank. Currently, there are five principles for Gaza and the Palestinian people, which can ensure their security. There should be no forced displacement of the Palestinian people, no recapture of Gaza, no siege or blockade of areas, no shortage of anything in the area, no use of Gaza as a platform for terrorism, Hamas Gaza Do not control and Israel remains safe.

The US Vice President told the media that I have spoken with a number of leaders in Dubai, including revitalizing the PA’s governance structure, building infrastructure in Gaza and strengthening the Palestinian Authority’s security services. When this conflict ends, we must ensure that Hamas does not control Gaza and that Israel remains safe. We must work to prosper Gaza.

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