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Kim Jong’s army fired 200 shells in the disputed maritime border with South Korea

Image Source: AP
North Korea rained bombs on the South Korean border.

North Korean leader Kim Jong Un has created a stir by firing more than 200 shells along the maritime border with South Korea. South Korea has hurriedly evacuated the areas around the maritime border. This sudden action taken by North Korea has been closely monitored by many countries including Japan and America. South Korea said North Korea conducted artillery exercises along the disputed maritime border between the two countries, a violation of a 2018 military agreement.

South Korea’s Joint Chiefs of Staff said North Korea on Friday fired 200 shells into the sea north of the disputed western maritime boundary. South Korea described North Korea’s exercise as an act of provocation, although it did not suffer any damage. People living on the South Korean island of Yeonpyeong say the South Korean military has asked them to evacuate as it plans to launch similar exercises on Friday evening or overnight. North Korean leader Kim Jong Un ordered officials to increase the production of mobile launch vehicles for missiles.

Kim ordered shelling for this reason

North Korea’s state media reported on Friday that Kim had given this order in view of the increasing military confrontation with enemies and that he was emphasizing that it would be difficult for other countries to detect his attacks. This news of Kim’s order came a few hours after a statement from the White House. The US had said in a statement that US intelligence had found that North Korea supplied ballistic missile launchers to Russia for the war in Ukraine. The US and its allies have previously accused North Korea of ​​sending artillery and ammunition to Russia in exchange for Russian technologies to boost its military programs.

Kim visited a factory that makes Transport Erector Launchers (TEL), the official Korean Central News Agency reported, although it did not say when he visited or where the factory was located. TEL is a vehicle with the help of which North Korea can bring or move missiles around its territory. With the help of this vehicle, it becomes more difficult for his opponents to detect the attack in advance. Some South Korean experts estimate that North Korea has about 100–200 such vehicles. (AP)

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