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Maldives Tourism Association came out in protest against its ministers, know what they said

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MATI supported India.

Tension between India and Maldives has increased considerably. Since the arrival of China-backed President Mohammad Muizzu, relations between the two countries are becoming bitter. Recently, PM Modi had visited Lakshadweep, where derogatory comments were made by the ministers of Maldives government. Since this incident, the government of Maldives is facing criticism from all sides. Meanwhile, Maldives Association of Tourism Industry has also expressed regret over the controversial statement by the ministers of the country.

Strong condemnation of derogatory comments

Maldives Association of Tourism Industry (MATI) issued a statement saying that it strongly condemns the derogatory comments made by some Deputy Ministers on social media platforms towards Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi as well as the people of India. India is one of our closest neighbors and allies. India has always been a first responder to various crises throughout our history and we are extremely grateful for the close relationship that the Government as well as the people of India have built with us.

India one of the top markets for Maldives

MATI said in its statement that India has also been a consistent and significant contributor to the tourism industry of Maldives. India has greatly assisted our efforts during COVID-19 right after reopening our borders. Since then India has remained one of the top markets for Maldives. It is our sincere desire that the close relations between our two countries continue for generations to come and thus we refrain from actions or speech that could have any negative impact on our good relations.

India is like a 911 call for us – former Defense Minister

On the controversy over Maldives MP’s post on Prime Minister Narendra Modi, former Defense Minister Maria Ahmed Didi has said that India has been like 911 (Maldives’ emergency number) for us. Whenever we call, the people of India immediately come to our rescue in need. India is that kind of friend of ours who comes to help us when we are in trouble.

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