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Mercury reaches -58 degrees in Siberia, fishes become ‘deep frozen’ in the open

Image Source: Reuters
Some customers roaming in the fish market.

Yakutsk: In Siberia, Russia, it is currently experiencing such severe cold that people are freezing. Arctic weather hit many areas of Russia on Tuesday with temperatures reaching minus -58 degrees Celsius in the forests of Siberia. Drone footage showed that Yakutsk, one of the coldest cities in the world, was covered in icy clouds and fog. Let us tell you that this city is located about 5,000 km east of the capital Moscow.

‘I am considering myself lucky’

A man named Danila, who reached Yakutsk, said, ‘I came here to Yakutsk specifically to experience such weather. So I consider myself quite lucky because you don’t usually get something like this in December. When Daniela was saying these things, his beard, cap and muffler were covered in snow. He further said that he is not feeling too cold because he has come well prepared.

Siberia, Siberia Temperature, Yakutsk, Sakha Republic

Image Source: Reuters

It is extremely cold in Yakutsk at this time.

‘…then I would have really frozen’
Daniela said, ‘If I had not got the right clothes, I would have definitely frozen within a few minutes.’ He said that due to the extremely high temperatures his coat had become very hard. Daniela said, ‘My phone got discharged within a few minutes. To come here, at least 2 pairs of gloves are very important and there should be a full layer of clothes.

Temperature reached -55 degrees in Sakha
In the Sakha Republic, which is slightly smaller in area than India, temperatures reached -55 degrees overnight. This area is located in the north-eastern part of Siberia. The temperature in Oymyakon, a settlement of Sakha, was -58 degrees on Tuesday. Experts estimate that considering the humidity and wind, the temperature will go down to minus 63 degrees Celsius.

Siberia, Siberia Temperature, Yakutsk, Sakha Republic

Image Source: Reuters

The fish in the market have been deep frozen in the open.

Fishes were deep frozen in the open
In the market of Yakutsk, where fish were sold ‘deep frozen’, there was no longer any need for a freezer. The saleswomen selling the fish wore large fur hats. A local resident told that if you have the right clothes then there is no special problem. He said that it is important to remain active just to maintain blood circulation. (Reuters)

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